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Designed for recruiters 

RecruitMe can be used as an add-on to PitchYou or as a stand-alone software


Contact your applicants easily via WhatsApp, regardless of where they made their application, and benefit from the high attention that the messenger service attracts! You decide whether your applicants receive an individual message or an automated interview. To contact them, all you need is their name, phone number and permission to communicate via WhatsApp. You can create the contacts manually or simply use our Excel upload.

It goes without saying that use of the WhatsApp channel by RecruitMe is GDPR compliant!


Contact via WhatsApp

Contacting candidates via WhatsApp regardless of application origin



One message to any number of candidates


Broadcast offers the possibility of 1:n communication with applicants via the WhatsApp channel. This means that you can send a message to any number of candidates. This allows you, for example, to inquire about the short-term availability of your candidates from the candidate pool for a new position or to invite several candidates to an automation via WhatsApp.

Address several candidates at the same time!



Screening & Onboarding

Get to know your candidates better through an automated interview via WhatsApp and find out which candidate is the best fit for your company. With RecruitMe you can automate the assessment digitally via WhatsApp. The answers of the automation are transferred to RecruitMe. As a recruiter, you have an immediate overview of the current status of the automations. The PitchYou matching algorithm finds the best candidates for you. Support your suitable candidates with RecruitMe during the onboarding process. During the onboarding process, ask for relevant information for payroll accounting, for example.

Automation via WhatsApp - whenever, wherever!


Automation via WhatsApp

With live status and matching index

Language Diversity

PitchYou interviews are available in all languages thanks to the integrated automatic translation function. This means that applicants do not even face any language barriers in the first place

Efficient Recruiting

Individual or ready-made PitchYou interviews use targeted questions to show whether the candidate is professionally suitable for the position and has the necessary motivation

Digital Media

Applicants and recruiters can send and receive photos, videos, scans and voice memos. Learn more about your applicants by integrating photos and videos.


Live Information

Follow the progress of your candidates’ automation live

Contact Import

It is easy to import your candidates into the RecruitMe application as an Excel file, regardless of where they made their application


Recruiting with RecruitMe

With RecruitMe, you can support candidates from the first contact to onboarding via the WhatsApp channel, and find out which candidates really suit you!

Take the next step in the recruiting process and contact your candidates via WhatsApp, regardless of where their application came from. Benefit from the high response rate of the popular messenger service and communicate with all applicants via an intuitive channel. Receive relevant information by means of an automated question-and-answer game!


Which candidates fit your company? Find out by having your candidates complete an assessment via WhatsApp. You can create and weight the assessment questionnaires yourself or you can choose from the ready-made questionnaires. Based on your weighting, our matching algorithm shows you how well the respective candidates match you in real time!


Found the right candidate? Great! Then it's high time for onboarding. Support the selected candidates via WhatsApp. The WhatsApp messenger service not only enjoys a high level of attention and response time, it also provides a personal touch. Clarify any outstanding questions quickly and easily via WhatsApp. Sending an onboarding questionnaire to several candidates at the same time is also feasible with RecruitMe. We hope you enjoy working with your new employees!


PitchYou - Application via WhatsApp

Open a simple, intuitive and hassle-free application channel for your candidates. With PitchYou, you motivate people to apply for jobs, whenever and wherever, using the popular WhatsApp messenger service.


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