Recruiting via WhatsApp  

Open the easiest application channel and fill open positions quickly with automated interviews.

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Simpel and intuitive

Candidates jump to the WhatsApp application via a link in the job posting or by scanning a QR code. There they intuitively go through the automated PitchYou interview. Conducting an interview is more fun than formulating resumes and cover letters. Selfies and videos create a personal impression. Thanks to gamification elements, 87% of all applicants finish a PitchYou interview they have started.


Application via WhatsApp

People can apply easily and intuitively via WhatsApp


Recruiting via WhatsApp - Structured and secure

All decision-relevant information

 High application quality

Ask in a structured way for exactly the information that is relevant for the decision. Without a resume and queries. Your employees do not have to use WhatsApp for this, they only use the PitchYou application - DSGVO compliant! The prefabricated questionnaires are sent to the candidates automatically. No matter when candidates feel like applying to you. Candidates receive direct feedback anytime and anywhere - 24/7!

Effective Communication

WhatsApp messages are read within max. 15 minutes and answered quickly. The built-in referral marketing brings up to 20% more applicants. The PitchYou matching algorithm allows your employees to identify suitable candidates immediately. Reports can be viewed at any time and downloaded as an Excel file.



WhatsApp as an effective communication channel

All relevant information at a glance

Your advantages with PitchYou

Language Diversity

PitchYou interviews are available in all languages thanks to the integrated automatic translation function. This means that language barriers on the applicant side do not arise in the first place

Efficient Recruiting

Individual or prefabricated PitchYou interviews show through targeted questions whether the candidate is professionally suitable for the position and brings along the required motivation

Digital Media

Photos, videos, scans and voice memos can be sent and received by applicants and recruiters. Learn more about your applicants with the integration of photos and videos

Preferred channel

WhatsApp is the most used messenger service. The use of the channel is intuitive

Job Menu

Candidates can get a job menu of their various vacancies displayed via a link or a QR code


With PitchYou, you take care of candidates from the first contact with the job posting to the pre-selection. Find out with PitchYou which candidates really fit to you and save valuable resources!
Job posting

Through your career site, job portals, social media ads and postings, point-of-contact notices, and many other channels, candidates:in will become aware of your current job postings. Once you have the attention for your jobs, you can open the application channel WhatsApp to your candidate:in with PitchYou. Via a button/link in the job posting or alternatively by scanning a QR code, the candidates jump off to the WhatsApp application.


In the WhatsApp application, applicants go through an automated question-and-answer game so that you as the recruiter receive all the relevant information. Thanks to gamification effects and intuitive operation, 87% of applicants currently complete the interview.

The questionnaires can be customized. Alternatively, you can choose from ready-made questionnaires.


The information from the interviews conducted will be transferred to your existing applicant management system. If you do not yet use an ATS system, you can also easily view the information in the PitchYou application. By weighting the questions beforehand, the matching algorithm also shows you which candidate(s) best match you and your relevant criteria. If you still have questions, you can contact your candidates individually via PitchYou Chat.

RecruitMe - Assessment and Onboarding via WhatsApp

Get to know your candidates even better through assessments via WhatsApp. Contact and support interesting candidates regardless of their application origin throughout the entire process up to onboarding via the WhatsApp channel.

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